The little (Lexus) engine that could

How much horsepower is enough? Carroll Shelby once told me it was 170, a figure he based on observation and research into what it took to propel a car and its occupants down the road at reasonably enjoyable speeds. You figured Ol’ Shel’ would know. Although, with his next breath, he said he and his crew were working on an engine with 1,000 horsepower to cram under the hood of a Ford Mustang.

And don’t forget, it was Shelby who found a way to shoehorn a Ford V8 into the engine bay of a small British sports car to create the Cobra, a venomous vehicle that clobbered Corvette and embarrassed Enzo.

The little (Lexus) engine that could |

As Shelby showed us, big things could come in little packages. And they still do. Case in point, the 2.0-liter turbocharged engines that have propelled the

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