Six decades of Superbowl MVPs and their cars

There is more than one layer of competition at the Super Bowl. There’s the obvious battle between the two teams, but on the player level there is the pursuit of the coveted title of MVP, Most Valuable Player

Declaring the MVP has been a tradition since the dawn of the Super Bowl. It can be a career-defining title that — until recently — came with the gift of a new car, courtesy of the NFL’s corporate sponsor at the time.

General Motors was the official corporate sponsor of the NFL for decades, so MVPs were leaving the Super Bowl in brand new Corvettes, Cadillacs and Trans Ams.

Here are  Super Bowl MVP cars from each decade:

Bart Starr – 1967 Corvette

Bart Starr’s record-setting career as quarterback for the Green Bay Packers earned him the MVP award at the first Super Bowl in 1967.

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