Andy restores a 1967 MGB GT he bought on the internet

With styling by Pininfarina and amazing practicality, I’ve always been intrigued by the MGB GT. The fact that it has enough headroom for me to drive comfortably also comes into play (and let the jokes begin about the size of my ego). 

My story with MGB started many years ago when, at 14 years old, I actually test drove one at a dealersjip. It was the first sports car I ever drove; being tall for my age, the dealer thought that I was old enough and let me drive the car, a 1980 MG roadster in British Racing Green. That experience changed my view of what cars could be. 

But it was not until last year that I finally pulled the trigger and bought my first MG, a 1967 MGB GT with overdrive that I found on the internet. I called the owner in Holland, Michigan, and then had a

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