Pistons and Props turn the clock back on racing ’round Sebring

On the whole vintage racing circuit, there is nothing quite like the Sebring Classic 12 Hour, an event that gives competitors and spectators a feeling for what it’s like to race on a historically tough track at night.

The race, promoted by Historic Sportscar Racing, ran for the third time over the first weekend in December and again featured not only a stellar field of vintage race cars but nearly a dozen vintage aircraft, arrayed on both sides of the starting grid for the entire weekend.  Entirely appropriate, since Sebring was a World War II B-17 training base called Hendricks Army Airfield, and is technically still a part of Sebring Regional Airport, across the street.

Sebring has been operating as a sports car track since 1950, with the 12 Hours of Sebring starting in 1952 and continuing to today, with the exception of 1974 when the gas crisis hit.  


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