Parade of Trabants celebrates car, and the fall of the wall

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By Davon Harris and Richard Willing

“(This is) the car that gave Communism a bad name,” says proud owner Michael Crews of Princeton, West

Virginia,  pointing to his two-cylinder, 26 horsepower blue Trabant, the former East Germany’s best, worst (and only) domestically produced car. “The engine is small but it’s efficient…I’ve had it up to 100 km an hour (about 60 mph).”

Welcome to the 12th annual “Parade of the Trabants,” a combination classic car show, urban road rally, and class in Cold War history staged this past weekend at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. 

Twenty Trabants, about 10 percent of all Trabants in the U.S., took the curious for rides through DC streets,

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