Lowcountry aims high with terrific Hilton Head Island Concours

They call the coastal area south of Charleston, South Carolina, the Lowcountry (one word) because that’s what it is, a scenically marshy region that sits barely above sea level.   The major draw to the region is the wealthy tourism enclave of Hilton Head Island, which every year hosts one of the finest and friendliest car weekends in the nation.

Called the Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance and Motoring Festival, the events actually begin a week earlier with vintage racing in nearby Savannah, which claims the distinction of being the birthplace of Grand Prix racing in America – from 1908 through 1911, cars and drivers from around the world competed on a 25-mile course south of the city.

This was my first trip to South Carolina, not knowing what to expect as I geared up to cover the Hilton Island Concours last Sunday and, as it turned out, an unexpectedly impressive Car Club

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