Harley-Davidson Trihawk was a car/motorcycle hybrid

Three-wheelers have become quite popular, especially as motorcycle riders age and seek something with more stability than just a pair of wheels, and especially with more comfortable side-by-side seats instead of tandem-style saddles.

But three-wheelers are nothing new. Consider the history of Morgan, or the short-lived history of the American-produced Trihawk. The Pick of the Day is a 1983 Harley-Davidson Trihawk 304 sportscycle being advertised on ClassicCars.com by a private seller in San Diego, California.

According to the advertisement, the three-wheeler is one of only 96 produced, with Trihawk production ending soon after Harley-Davidson acquired the company.

That despite the claim in the advertisement that the Trihawk was “renown” for its competition roadability “on par with Corvette and Porsche (recorded 1g in skidpad testing by Road Track magazine) or that the rack-and-pinion steering “feels like a Formula-1 racer.”

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