Car movie of the day: ‘Bourne’ movies

Editor’s note: Car guys, and even car girls, can take only so much of those Hallmark holiday movies that fill the airwaves and cable systems this time of year. As an automotive alternative, we’re offering our own suggestions of our favorite car movies for your viewing pleasure. Check out more of our favorite car movies here.

The original three Jason Bourne movies — The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum (and they should have stopped making them then and there) — are brimming with fabulous car chases as the amazing Bourne (not his real name) manages to elude his many pursuers no matter what’s in his way.

The first movie has the classic chase, though, one of the most-exciting ever filmed with Matt Damon’s character and a freaked-out woman fleeing police in a beat-up Mini through the crowded streets of Paris. Pretty intense, though the driving-against-the-traffic sequence is

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