This is what it’s like to ride in a NASCAR stock car

Attending a NASCAR race has long been on my bucket list, so when I was asked if I wanted an opportunity to ride in a real stock car on an actual track, I accepted immediately.

Upon arriving at ISM Raceway, located in a western suburb of Phoenix, I was directed to the infield. As I drove through a tunnel underneath the track, I heard the roar of a NASCAR stock car from overhead and was quickly reminded that, in short order, I’d be strapped into the seat of one of them.

I was invited to the track to partake in the NASCAR Racing Experience, which lets attendees ride along as I did or, for the more adventurous, actually drive the vehicles. The experience travels around the country to all sorts of tracks, including ISM Raceway, which underwent a recent $178 million renovation completed ahead of the TicketGuardian

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