Steering wheel covers for grown-up Barbies and other auto accessories

Want to interest your daughter, girlfriend or other woman in your life in cars? Consider a Barbie steering wheel cover, or a pair of colorful driving gloves, or a sunshade that incorporates Swarovski crystals. 

Or maybe it’s your young son whose interest you want to spark. Maybe a Hot Wheels sunshade or steering wheel cover will help.

All of the above are products of Southern California-based Pilot Automotive, which was founded in 1996 as part of Wang’s International. Wang’s began in the mid-1980s as a niche supplier of automotive accessories and started Pilot to appeal to the growing do-it-yourself market.

Crystal-crusted seat is for show, not for go

Speaking of Swarovski crystals, what caught my eye as I wandered around at the recent Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo in Las Vegas was a seat cover that was covered by those crystals.

“Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable?” I

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