Shorty Chevy is a showstopper at Super Run Classic Car Show

The story as Anthony Generalao’s late wife used to tell it when people asked about the two-door, short-wheelbase 1956 Chevrolet was that the children were grown and gone, so they didn’t need a back seat anymore, and that Anthony removed not only the seat, but the rear doors and other unneeded parts for good measure.

The true story was that Generalao, who used to own a body shop in Hawaii, had stripped the four-door Chevy 510 down to the point it was ready for painting, walked into the house and asked his wife if she might like a two-door instead of the four.

At first, she didn’t quite understand what Anthony wanted to do. But she went along with his plan and the car has been a show — and traffic — stopper ever since, most recently at the 19th annual Super Run Classic Car Show, staged for the past two years

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