Seldom-seen 4X4, Nissan Patrol looks ready for adventure

If this is the year that you promised yourself an interesting off-road vehicle for fun and adventure, maybe something a bit different than the popular Jeep Wranglers and Toyota Land Cruisers, then the Pick of the Day could be of interest: a 1965 Nissan Patrol.

Although relatively rare in the U.S., the Patrol is a mainstay off-roader in Asia, New Zealand and Australia, where the hardy capability of the little 4X4 is well-appreciated during outback expeditions. Only a few thousand left-hand-drive versions were imported to the United States.


The Patrol has a huge metal basket mounted on its roof

This one is part of the second-generation models that spanned the 1960s, and it has been recently restored to original condition, according to the Taylorsville, North Carolina, dealer advertising the Patrol on

The SUV is powered by its

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