Egg or horseshoe: Which inspired the Bugatti grille?

Evolution of the Bugatti grille

Bugattis are known for their “horseshoe” grille design, but according to Bugatti Automobiles, the shape was based not on a horse’s shoe but on an egg.

“It is a fact that even as a young man Ettore Bugatti was more than just a horse enthusiast, but also a horse breeder and a collector of carriages,” the company that bears Bugatti’s name said in its news release. “He designed harnesses and possessed astoundingly beautiful horses, some of which were considered the biggest thoroughbreds of his time. 

“Ettore used to ride on horseback on the Bugatti premises in the Alsatian village of Molsheim, at times even welcoming guests on one of his horses,” the company’s statement continued. 

“He constructed the factory gates in a way that he could ride through the (factory) halls on horseback. 

“In order not to

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