Better investment: Porsche or S&P?

So which has provided a better investment opportunity: Buying a Porsche or putting that same money into the stock market?

RimBlades USA wondered, and put its money where its mouth is, so to speak, doing research to compare the relative long-term values of various Porsche models vs. putting the same amount of money into the stock market. The benchmark Standard Poor’s 500 Index was used to determine the non-Porsche investment.

As it turns out, the stock market has done better. But, as RimBlades director Adam Dangleman noted, “If you invest in a Porsche, you’re at least guaranteed a consistently great driving experience.”

“Playing the stock market always has some ups and downs,” Dangleman said. “And the good news is that a 918 Spyder’s value is headed in the right direction. The bad news is selling your classic Speedster isn’t adding much to your retirement

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