1985 Chevrolet IROC Camaro Z28 has had only one owner

The International Race of Champions returned from a four-year hiatus in 1984 and Chevrolet again was the series supplier for the all-star series that featured top drivers from stock car, Indy car and sports car racing, and put them on track to compete against each other in identical cars.

“That should come as no great surprise,” Chevrolet proclaimed in an advertising campaign. “Camaro’s aerodynamic shape makes it a natural for these events. The profile is low, the stance is wide, the size is right — and the feel is terrific.”

The race cars were based on Chevrolet’s new 1985 IROC-Z package for the Camaro Z28, or perhaps Chevy’s new-for-’85 IROC-Z package was inspired by the modifications made for the racing series. Either way, there was a new IROC Camaro for the 1985 model year and one of them — and a one-owner vehicle at that — is Pick of the Day.

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