Nancy Lopez took LPGA by storm, but will we see another like her

In the year 2019, unlike previous eras, the LPGA doesn’t need saving. It’s a global tour that’s trending up and uniquely positioned to take advantage of cultural shifts. But for all the talent in the world, and it’s never been deeper – it’s hard to shake the notion that to truly elevate, the LPGA needs someone like the woman who’s sitting across from me, stirring honey into her hot tea.

If Babe Zaharias kept the LPGA in business, Nancy Lopez made it boom.

In her book, The Illustrated History of Women’s Golf, historian Rhonda Glenn said Lopez torpedoed onto the LPGA scene three years after players threatened to boycott the U.S. Women’s Open over the disparity in pay. In 1975, the Women’s Open purse was $55,000 compared to $236,200 for the men.

It was no coincidence, Glenn noted, that from Lopez’s rookie year, 1978, through her last year as the LPGA’s No. 1

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