Review: Elegant Navigator has all the right moves

The biggest and fanciest Lincoln is perfect for carrying up to an octet’s worth of passengers while towing your powerboat … or the equivalent in weight of a two-stall horse trailer, horses included.

The Lincoln Navigator and size-large Navigator L are up to the task, while coddling everyone in stress-free comfort and providing more-than-sufficient power.

For 2018, the skins of the Navigator, as well as the less-grandiose Ford Expedition, are aluminum instead of steel. Lincoln claims a savings of about 90 kilograms, but with a base weight of nearly 2,600 kilograms, that represents a drop in the proverbial ocean.

The “Nav’s” new bodywork is pretty darned attractive, starting with a mesh grille that’s borrowed from the Lincoln Continental’s playbook (some would say cribbed from Bentley’s, also), only on a larger scale. A front-to-back upper body crease accentuates the vehicle’s length, but acts to minimize overall bulk. Of course it’s an

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