Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation Gives Ex-Cons Second Chance

Yesterday, July 29, 2015, Milwaukie-based Dave’s Killer Bread announced that it will launch Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping those with criminal histories find work. At the core of its agenda, Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation is gathering 10,000 signatures as a sign of support for ‘second chance’ employment. The Foundation wants to influence other employers to hire ex-cons.

Roughly one-third of Dave’s Killer Bread’s 300 employees have criminal pasts, and the company’s co-founder, Dave Dahl, whose long-haired, mustachioed, muscle-bound, guitar-wielding image appears on all of it packaging, is no stranger to the law.

Dave Dahl has both a criminal background and success story. Dave spent 15 years in and out of prison. Then, in 2005, his brother Glenn gave him a second chance by hiring him at his then bakery, NatureBake. Dave created the now famous bread recipe for Dave’s Killer Bread, which is today

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