Tiny Mudge Island gets facelift as dozens of wrecked vehicles barged away

Mudge Island, with a land area of around three square kilometres and a handful of dirt roads, is perhaps the last place on Earth one would expect to find a vibrant car culture.

Residents of the Gulf Island were able this week to clear out the ruined remains of 40 vehicles that dotted the landscape, thanks to a visiting B.C. Hydro equipment barge.

For a community with a fulltime population that ranges between 50 and 70 people, this week’s mass exodus of vehicle wrecks has given the Island a noticeable facelift.

“So far 37 [vehicles] have left and we’ve got a bunch more sitting there,” said Mudge resident Chad Giesbrecht. “Unless any more get added to the lineup, in the end there’s going to be 43 and a half — and one motorhome.”

Tucked between Gabriola and Vancouver Island, Mudge has no shops, no school, no postal code and

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