Pamela Anderson comes to Victoria to bid farewell to Auntie Vie

When Pamela Anderson arrived at McCall’s funeral home on Tuesday afternoon, it wasn’t as a celebrity, but as a loving great-niece.

The Ladysmith-born actor joined dozens of family members and friends for the funeral of Eoleia Sarah Zapshala, her late, great Auntie Vie, who Anderson says profoundly influenced her personally and professionally.

Zapshala, who died March 23 at age 88, became famous herself after inspiring Anderson to appear on Dancing With the Stars, as well as through Auntie Vie: A Life of Pickles and Pearls, her biographical cookbook penned with Cathy Converse.

After Anderson publicly acknowledged Auntie Vie as her biggest cheerleader, the flamboyant matriarch, who had danced since age three, was interviewed on shows from eTalk to Access Hollywood.

Wearing sunglasses and a camelhair-like coat, Anderson kept a low profile after arriving without fanfare in a white Cadillac Escalade with a close friend to honour her famously feisty, fashion-conscious and hospitable

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