Tiger Woods crash mystery deepens after revelations BOTH side passenger windows of his car had been smashed in

Tiger Woods pulls out of his own tournament as police prepare to search his mansion

  • Woods cancels interview with police for the THIRD time
  • Praises ‘courageous’ wife as speculation grows over discrepancies in her story
  • Insist the accident was ‘entirely my fault’
  • Woman at centre of infidelity claim hires infamous lawyer Gloria Allred
  • Transcript of 911 call is published

Police in Florida were reportedly seeking a court order to check Tiger Woods’s medical records last night after he refused to talk to them about his mysterious car accident for a fourth successive day.

Officers want to establish whether cuts and scratches on his face were consistent with a crash or if they may have been inflicted in a domestic dispute with his wife, say reports in America.

They also want to

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