Diesel Fuel Economy and chips — Car


Do Not trust what any dealership tells you regarding mileage!!!! It is always lower than what they say… IF they want to sell you that high of a priced vehicle, take it out for a day and run a tank of diesel through it on the freeway, and see what the darn thing gets EMPTY. Once again, do not trust speculation. With that being said, i shall speculate regarding a vehicle i once owned. I had a 1996 Ford E-350 Powerstroke Diesel Van. Yes they made them, i am not sure if they still do. I worked as a runner during rock concerts, ( basically chore boy/ limo driver in disguise. people don’t suspect talent in a big van) so usually i hauled 6-15 people around town and on the freeway. I also used the van when our band when on the road, we had 6 people in the rig,

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