Daseke Builds Empire by Merging Family-Owned Trucking Firms

Don Daseke has built the nation’s largest public flatbed and specialty trucking company by sticking to his policy of not purchasing a company that’s already for sale.

The former real estate entrepreneur avoids companies already on the market because they typically are losing money or are poorly managed, he told Trucks.com.

“Companies are for sale for a reason,” Daseke said. “I want companies that are not for sale.”

The 18 companies Daseke Inc. (pronounced Dass-key) has purchased since 2009 haul oversize shipments like wind turbine blades and aircraft wings. The U.S. Capitol Christmas tree recently crossed the country on a Daseke-owned flatbed.

A look at Daseke acquisitions:

(Chart: Daseke Inc.)

Each company Daseke acquires keeps its identity, management and customers. But the businesses pool their equipment to make the most of a combined 6,040 tractors and 13,284 trailers. The chief executives

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