VW’s Electrify America to install EV chargers along the Ohio Turnpike – Autoblog

If electric cars are going to become a staple of American roads, they’re going to need chargers near prominent routes. And VW’s Electrify America is about to address that. The company has revealed plans to install the first EV charging stations along the Ohio Turnpike, a 241-mile toll road meant to speed up trips in the state’s northern corridor. This deployment will be modest, with four-dispenser units at Genoa’s Blue Heron and Wyandot Services Plazas as well as West Unity’s Indian Meadow and Tiffin River Services Plazas. However, the chargers will be fast — each unit will offer between 150kW to 350kW, so it might take just minutes to top up your next-generation EV.

The sites were chosen based on expected near-term EV demand, Electrify America said.

These won’t be as useful if you’re driving a Tesla vehicle (the company has Superchargers in areas relatively close to the Turnpike,

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