Why the Chevy Volt Slowdown is a Good Thing for Plug-ins

The five-week shutdown of the Volt production line is a good thing for plug-in vehicles because it will help align production with demand and keep GM’s revenue on the vehicles higher and fund ongoing vehicle development.

So General Motors announced that it is taking a five-week hiatus in the production of its flagship greenmobile, the Chevy Volt, even though it had a solid sales month in February and the company is embarking on new promotional campaigns for its flagship plug-in vehicle. I for one am glad they made the tough choice to stop production.

I do feel sorry for the 1,300 UAW workers who will be off work (well, not too sorry since they stand to collect a good portion of their salary while off due to their union contracts). I am more sorry demand is not strong enough to justify continued high-volume production.

But, I’ll say it again. It’s

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