The 16 Plug-In Electric Cars You Can Buy (Or Can’t) For 2014

Electric cars may still seem futuristic, but there are actually 16 different plug-in models you can buy today.

Availability depends a lot on where you live, though. Several of them are so-called compliance cars, offered only in California and a handful of other locations to meet that state’s requirements for sales of zero-emission vehicles.

2012 Chevrolet Volt

2012 Chevrolet Volt

Others are more widely distributed, but are very low-volume, selling only a couple of hundred a month–or less.

Here’s our rundown of all the plug-in electric cars you can buy today, both battery electric (“pure electric” cars) and plug-in hybrids (which have both the ability to run on battery power alone and an engine to provide more power and extend their range).

We’ve broken them into categories so you can understand which apply to you and may be available in your area.


These six cars–two

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