Young Dolph Shooting Suspect Released Without Charges

Young Dolph is currently laid up in a hospital bed out in Los Angeles, after an argument that occurred outside a famous Hollywood intersection turned violent, leaving Dolph with multiple gunshot wounds, and three suspects fleeing the scene. Young Dolph had enough stamina to get into a nearby establishment and call for help, where he was then rushed to the hospital, and underwent surgery, successfully. 

The shooting occurred three days ago, on September 26, and immediately rumors flooded in that counted Yo Gotti as a person of interest. However when the LAPD announced they’d made an arrest the following day, they simultaneously discounted reports that singled out Yo Gotti as a suspect. Still, the suspect they did arrest– a man by the name of Corey McClendon, 43-years old — has been reported as a Yo Gotti affiliate,

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