Tesla, Hyundai, Cadillac, Are The Most-Loved Vehicles In America

How do you feel about your car? Your toaster? Your television?

No, how do you REALLY feel about them? Do they satisfy you? Meet your needs? Turn you on? Could you quantify those feelings — perhaps on a scale of 0 to 1,000?

That’s essentially what market research firm Strategic Vision asks consumers to do on a regular basis. The company claims that forcing customers and clients to quantify their love (or hate) for a brand “increases validity of the measurement and our understanding by 42 percent on average”.

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Statistics and marketing-speak: pure poetry.

Strategic Vision recently used its quantitative approach to qualitative brand affinity on the wonderful world of automobiles, hoping to identify the most-loved cars in America. In doing so, it created a little something it’s dubbed the “Most Loved Index™”. (Seriously: “™”.) 

Unfortunately, though Strategic Vision is great at tossing out marketing buzzwords and

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