And The Most-Stolen Vehicle In America Is…

Summertime is busy season for car thieves. From July 4 through the end of August, baddies shift into high gear, nabbing vehicles left at home during long summer vacations and those parked in dodgy locations by unsuspecting road-trippers.

So it’s appropriate that the Highway Loss Data Institute has just released its annual top-ten lists of most- and least-stolen vehicles in the U.S. The HLDI based its findings on claims filed with insurance agencies — which is only natural, since the HLDI is an offshoot of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which is funded by America’s auto insurers.

The good news this year is that theft rates have continued to fall. HLDI credits the drop largely to ignition immobilizers, which prevent the hotwiring of automobiles and have been adopted by most automakers. In fact, immobilizers came standard on 89 percent of 2012 model-year vehicles. 

The bad news is that crooks haven’t completely given up, and

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