TRIPL: A Funky Urban Electric Scooter … With Cargo

Bicycles TRIPL Urban Cargo e-scooter

Published on March 24th, 2018 | by Nicolas Zart


March 24th, 2018 by  

Electric bicycles and electric scooters with some pretty fun and even outrageous designs have been spun out there, and today’s pick of the litter is no exception. The TRIPL Urban Cargo funky e-scooter blends the lines, offering cargo space elegantly.

TRIPL Urban Cargo e-scooter

E-Scooters With Cargo Space

TRIPL Urban Cargo e-scooterWhen it comes to e-scooters, we pretty much cover it all, including a test ride this month of the iZip e3Dash (stay tuned for that). So far, GenZe has been the only to have designed its original e-101 and now its

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