West Coast Startups Will Test Autonomous Tech at Michigan’s Mcity


Although their perceived rivalry gets far more attention, Silicon Valley and Detroit collaborate as much as they compete.

The latest example of their joint effort to build the auto industry’s future has come with the announcement that three West Coast automotive startups will join a business incubator housed at the University of Michigan to further develop autonomous-vehicle technology.

Zendrive, Civil Maps, and PolySync will partner with students and researchers to test their respective technologies at the university’s 32-acre autonomous-vehicle proving ground named Mcity, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The three companies are part of the university’s TechLab, an incubator operated by a partnership between the university’s Center for Entrepreneurship and its Mobility Transformation Center.

TechLab begins on September 6, when selected engineering students will be assigned to work with each company. At the end of the semester,

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