How to find a car that’s perfect for audiophiles – Autoblog

We get it: you’re into music, and you want options that make it easy to listen to the music formats you like. Luckily, many modern cars offer an array of options for streaming or playing tunes. There’s the well-known Bluetooth functionality that most cars have. Satellite radio is another important one. But since many folks use their smartphones as media devices in the car, the adoption of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay have become important and convenient interfaces.

But how do you find a car that supports the music-playing options you want? You could sort through every manufacturer’s spreadsheet looking for what trim package will get you satellite radio, or you could simply hop on over to our Car Finder tool. It’s simple: selecting the Music filter eliminates any cars that don’t have both Bluetooth and satellite radio. We’ve found that the presence of both of these features generally indicates that

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