Volvo is coming to the L.A. Auto Show without any cars – Autoblog

Volvo is coming to the L.A. Auto Show with its full range of 2019 model year cars and a new concept … oh wait, never mind. Volvo’s not doing that. This just in, the Swedish manufacturer is renting space in L.A. but is choosing to not bring any vehicles or vehicle-shaped things at all. Why is Volvo using its marketing budget to show absolutely nothing, you might ask?

Well, Volvo is still going to show some hip videos with neat soundtracks most likely, but it is most concerned with discussing its vision for the future of automobility. Cue the eye rolls across the automotive world. Instead of a bunch of its terribly old-fashioned vehicles (read: sarcasm) on display, Volvo’s large setup will be dominated by a giant sign(?) spelling out: This is not a car.

Alright, we get it, Volvo. The industry is changing, and the L.A.

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