Mil-Spec 003 Hummer H1 first drive review

We’re in something of a golden age for automotive restomodding, and into a heady mix that includes Singer’s reimagined 911s, Icon’s fancy off-roaders, and lots of updated Land Rovers. The latest company with ambitions to become a top-tier custom car brand is Mil-Spec, which aims to do what the aforementioned companies do, but with the big, brash, blunt Hummer H1. And in particular, the company is aiming to make its Hummers a compelling alternative to a used Hummer H1 Alpha. The Alpha is generally considered to be the best of the breed with the most powerful diesel engine offered, larger brakes, and a nicer interior compared with its predecessors. To find out whether the company’s early efforts live up to that ambition, Mil-Spec invited us to drive their third completed vehicle, Mil-Spec 003.

It started life as a 1995 Hummer H1,

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