Fact check: Trump overstates the cost of a Camaro in China – Autoblog

On a day when two former members of his inner circle were being convicted and pleading guilty in federal court, President Trump was ignoring all that unpleasantness and political peril and doing what he likes to do best: talking directly to his supporters. At a rally Tuesday in West Virginia, Trump told the crowd at least one piece of “news” that actually is fake. Buyers of a Chevy Camaro in China, he said, must pay $119,000 because of China’s tariffs on American cars. He’s right that there are tariffs that sharply drive up the cost, but he’s inflated the actual price by double.

Bloomberg does the actual math: There’s only one Camaro model available in China, with a 2.0-liter turbo, according to GM. It sells for the equivalent of $58,430 in China. A similarly equipped Camaro in the

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