BMW M cars will all be hybrid or EV by 2030 – Autoblog

The CEO of BMW’s M division, Frank Van Meel, has stated earlier that the future of the division will include electrified cars. As BMW plans to have electric or hybrid cars form 40 percent of its production output by 2025, M cars will be part of that. And now, Van Meel says that by the end of the next decade, all BMW M models will have electrified tech in them.

According to CarAdvice, Van Meel spoke with Australian journalists in Spain, telling them the timeline for hybrid M tech will be there step by step, stressing that timing is crucial for BMW M to deliver a successful product. Van Meel doesn’t want an electrified M car to be half-baked, heavy or unsatisfying due to a rush to market before the technology has been perfected.

“Look at today’s electrification

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