Four Electric Cars To Avoid Buying Used (Get A Nissan Leaf!): UPDATE

2012 Coda Sedan

2012 Coda Sedan

There are lots of very good plug-in electric cars for sale now, and quite a few of them–especially Nissan Leafs–are starting to show up on used-car lots as three-year leases expire.

We recently suggested some used hybrid-electric vehicles to avoid on the used-car lot.

Now we turn to electric cars.

DON’T MISS: Ten Used Hybrid Cars To Consider Steering Clear Of

Here are four plug-in vehicles we suggest you think long and hard before buying, no matter how attractive their prices.

Three are battery-electric, and one is a range-extended electric luxury sedan.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We originally published this article in May 2013, and it proved surprisingly popular. We’ve gone back and updated it two years later to reflect the latest news and state of the used electric-car market, though we haven’t yet added any new entries that we consider enormously substandard. Your mileage

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