Amazon now has Echo Auto, an Alexa assistant for your car – Autoblog

Amazon just introduced a new in-car device called Echo Auto that puts Amazon’s Alexa into any car with you. The small device sits on the dashboard of your car and allows you to connect your phone via Bluetooth. Your phone’s cell signal will allow the Alexa on the Go to connect with Amazon’s cloud service, thereby bringing that functionality to your car.

It’s capable of interfacing with Waze and Apple Maps, allowing directions to be sent to your phone — if you ask Alexa to find a location it knows of, it’ll provide navigation and information about your point of interest. Its location awareness is also impressive. It can deduce if you’re at home, then unlock your door and turn your house’s lights on if you have a smart door and smart lights connected to it. The little device connects to your car through an aux jack or Bluetooth.

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