Redesigned Genesis G90 debuts with a completely new look – Autoblog

Genesis, eschewing the L.A. Auto Show, debuted its redesigned G90 in Seoul, South Korea, today. If you were hoping for a totally new look, you’re in luck, because Genesis has done just that. The grille is gigantic, and it dominates most of the front of the large sedan now. Flanking the grille are new headlights with an interesting character line extending outside the housing itself. Then we get to those wheels. We imagine people are either going to love them or hate them, but Genesis definitely didn’t play it safe with those million-spoke rollers.

Moving around to the back, Genesis switched up the taillight design big-time. It used to be subtle and simple, but now we have full-width LEDs and an even stranger stacked arrangement. Those stacks reach around the side of the car and almost become one line where they end. None of it looks like a

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