2014 Cadillac ELR First Drive

Cadillac wowed crowds at the Detroit Auto Show in 2009 when it unveiled the Converj concept. At a time when hybrid vehicles were boring and electric vehicles induced range anxiety, the luxury brand’s exciting new concept was a plug-in, extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV) that promised sexy sheetmetal, a luxurious interior and a worry free range in excess of 300 miles. It was, as GM’s Bob Lutz said at the show, the “Cadillac of electric vehicles.”

Unfortunately, GM’s financial turmoil at the time left little hope the Converj would ever see production. But this industry is full of surprises, and Cadillac unveiled the all-new 2014 ELR at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year – the stunning visual twin of the Converj that had everyone doing a double-take – and readied its production.

Like the concept, the

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