2019 Hyundai Nexo fuel-cell debuts in California by year?s end – Autoblog

Hyundai will make its 2019 Nexo hydrogen fuel-cell crossover available in California by end of the year, and while it still hasn’t announced pricing, it said the vehicle will be sold at Hyundai dealerships in Van Nuys and Tustin in Southern Cal, with a San Jose dealer coming online in early 2019. Read Autoblog’s Quick Spin review of the 2019 Nexo here.

The Nexo is the replacement for the Tucson Fuel Cell, which it leased to customers and use to log testing miles in 18 countries. Considered the second generation of Hyundai’s fuel cell car, the Nexo boasts an estimated range of 380 miles, 115 more than its predecessor, in the Nexo Blue trim, with an estimated MPGe of 65 miles in the city, 58 on the highway and 61 combined. The Limited model offers a

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