2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label quick spin review

For years, the Lincoln Navigator played second fiddle to the Cadillac Escalade. Even with a refresh a few years back, the big ute couldn’t quite match what Cadillac (or anyone else in the class) offered. The design looked dated, and the interior felt a full generation behind. Things sure have changed, as the new Navigator might just be the first Lincoln in years that gets near-universal praise from the Autoblog staff. This class of SUV may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Lincoln deserves credit for doing more than just phoning it in.

Our tester this week is a Chroma Crystal Blue short-wheelbase Navigator Black Label. That’s the top-trim model, so features like heated and ventilated leather seating, full-LED lighting, a panoramic moonroof, a 20-speaker audio system and adaptive suspension are all standard. The only options on our 2018

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