Obsession becomes reality with the Airstream Nest – Autoblog

We couldn’t get away from each other when I was growing up, my brothers and I. Small ranch house. Big Catholic family. So, we built forts. Blanket and card-table forts in the living room. Rickety wooden forts in the crooks of the apple and willow trees. Forts secreted in the dense underbrush of the fencerows delineating neighboring wheat and cornfields, where we huddled together to smoke Dad’s Marlboro cigarettes and plot our worldly travels.

Bryan Thompson’s fort was much better than any of ours. He drew his fort when he was 6 and it had wheels. And then he drew it over and over and over again. Until he convinced Airstream to build it. It’s called the Nest, and it’s beautiful.

I have something to live for again.

I say “again” because back in 1998, I owned my own tiny wheeled fort — a 13-foot 1951 Boles Aero, a droopy, riveted sheetmetal egg

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