Watch Faraday Future’s high-speed FF91 field tests – Autoblog

Reporting by Mariella Moon for Engadget.

Faraday Future hasn’t given up on the FF91 despite going through a financial crisis and losing executives along the way. Now, a few months after a Hong Kong investor reportedly threw the startup a $1.5 billion lifeline, it has dropped a new video showing the tests it recently conducted to validate the luxury EV’s battery, thermal and powertrain controls. The company’s engineers staged what they call the “Autobahn drive cycle” and “Operation 120 mph” tests, which are critical to the FF91’s engineering process. Chou Yeh, Faraday’s Senior Manager of Powertrain and Thermal Controls, said the tests will help “eliminate issues before they arise and [continue] to add value to the vehicle during the final stages of verification.”

While the engineers call the first trial the Autobahn test, they didn’t actually conduct it

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