Rivian has an awesome truck and SUV ? here’s what it plans to do now – Autoblog

Rivian also designed and is marketing its truck and SUV as adventure vehicles. It wants you to take them into the wilderness and go exploring in unknown places. There’s one glaring problem with that idea: recharging. Even if you have the mammoth 400-mile range version, driving into the middle of nowhere involves traveling long distances and once you get there, fast-charging stations tend to be rather scarce.

Many people also use trucks to tow a motorhome or something else heavy when adventuring across the country. Fuel mileage always takes a massive hit when towing, just as electric range would when taking advantage of the R1T’s 11,000-pound towing rating.

Rivian says it will answer these problems by building a small Rivian-branded charging network in “places of adventure.” Think national parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite and other places like that. Still, building a charging network takes time. Tesla’s supercharging network is the most

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