2020 Chevy Tahoe spied with independent rear suspension – Autoblog

Here’s our first glimpse of the next Chevrolet Tahoe, set to debut sometime next year. Unfortunately, the vehicle is covered top to bottom in cladding, so it’s not easy to make much of it.

The biggest difference we can see is what appears to be an independent rear suspension replacing the longstanding live axle design, similar to shots of the Suburban in May earlier this year. Hardcore truckers might moan, but GM is aiming for enhanced ride quality and comfort here. To be frank, most Tahoes are just mall crawlers anyway, so this is probably for the best.

Another weird thing we’ve got going on here is a quad exhaust poking out the rear. What? Why? The Tahoe isn’t a Cayenne Turbo, so we’re not sure what Chevy is doing here. It’ll be quite the move if the production car ends up with quad exhaust pipes.

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