VW Scirocco rolls three times in scary Nurburgring crash – Autoblog

There are reasons the Nürburgring Nordschleife has its fearsome reputation, and the nickname, “Green Hell.” It’s a narrow track with lots of elevation change and nearby walls that are conducive for nasty wrecks. Our latest reminder comes in the video above when a VW Scirocco tumbles at least three times before settling on its roof.

The video from YouTube channel Auto Addiction shows that the Scirocco overshot the preceding corner a bit and ended up in the grass. It came back onto the pavement before the next left-hander, but it either had too much speed, not enough grip, or both, and went careening off track again. It clipped the tire wall on its way into the main guard rail. From there, it went into its fast, multiple roll.

Despite the nasty roll and a fair amount of scrapes and dents, the car’s roof structure and doors

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