Cadillac can’t keep up with Escalade demand, can’t move its sedans – Autoblog

No matter how much Cadillac revitalizes its lineup and its image, it seems that all consumers want is the Escalade. In fact, Automotive News reports that General Motors can’t keep up with demand for the fullsize luxury SUV, despite sticker prices that start at over $70,000 and approach six figures at the top end of the spectrum.

Contrast that with sedans like the ATS and CTS, which are far cheaper but which Cadillac hasn’t been able to move fast enough to keep up with production, prompting both the manufacturer and dealers to offer substantial incentives to keep them from piling up.

Cadillac had been resisting a price cut of the ATS or CTS, lest it hurt resale values – itself a factor that could explain consumers’ reluctance to buy them in the first place – but been offering

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