BlackFly flying ?car? aims to go on sale next year for price of an SUV – Autoblog

The semantics of mobility and transportation will revolutionize the word “car,” with the BlackFly personal aerial vehicle here to move the goalposts a bit further. A Silicon Valley startup called Opener has been in stealth mode for nine years testing and developing what is effectively a drone that carries a single human. The firm, backed by Google co-founder Larry Page and with Google’s former VP of Knowledge on its board, just revealed its first product last week. Opener founder and designer Marcus Leng told CBS he hopes to have the BlackFly on sale next year for the price of an SUV.

Sans wheels, the BlackFly can’t be driven on roads; Leng says the amphibious, all-electric vertical takeoff and landing craft works best from a grassy surface. The lack of proper car accessories gives BlackFly plenty of company in the space, though — Toyota’s flying car has no wheels, nor

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