Lyft asks for volunteers to ditch their cars for a month, 150,000 sign up – Autoblog

Remember in August, when Lyft ran a pilot program in Chicago called “Ditch Your Car?” The ride-hailing service asked 100 Chicagoans to give up their personal vehicles for one month in return for $300 in credit for Lyft carpool rides, $105 in credit for the L train (Chicago’s elevated “subway”), $100 in Zipcar credit, and $45 for Divvy bike-share (Lyft bought Motivate, which ran Divvy, earlier this year for $205 million). That meant $550 in free transportation compared to $0 in potential car commodity expenses. Lyft was so happy with the response that the company decided to do it again, expanding the program to 35 cities. Lyft hoped to register 2,000 people. Instead, more than 150,000 people signed up.

The Ditch Your Car sequel runs from October 8 to November 6 in every corner of the country as well as Toronto, Canada.

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